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With our offices located in Paarl, we strive to assist all emerging and established companies to claim back a portion of their Skills Development levy contribution from their relevant SETA. 
We handle all the paperwork, administration and SETA liaison on behalf of our clients, ensuring employers a trained workforce which will increase productivity.

B – BBEE Status

ALC Skills Developers Pty Ltd is 100% black female owned with a B - BBEE level 1 classification.

Skills Development

We strive to create a professional learning environment in our assistance with all training interventions awarded to our clients by their relevant SETA.

Promoting Growth

We are committed to development and growth, and strive to create a professional learning environment for all employees of our clients.

Executive Summary

Abigail Lombard, founder and owner of ALC Skills Developers Pty Ltd, received her Diploma in Human Resources Management N6 and has successfully obtained her Independent Skills Development Facilitation Certificate. She is currently a final year student at UNISA studying towards her BEd Degree to increase her knowledge in skills development.

Abigail worked in several HR office settings developing her knowledge in Skills Development Facilitation and various other Human Resources functions. She has gained many years of experience in the HR industry since starting her career in 2010 and was privileged enough to successfully start an entire Human Resources Department at every company she has ever worked. The total number of employees that were employed at these companies ranged between 100 – 250.

Abigail has received many awards in previous employments including employee of the month at her first company of employment. Also, she has won an innovation award at her last employment for implementing a successful employee platform, designed to lift staff morale.

Abigail Lombard_ALC Skills Developers

Ready to start a learning partnership with us?

Why choose us?

ALC Skills Developers Pty Ltd, will strive to create a professional learning environment in our assistance with all training interventions awarded to our clients by their relevant SETA. We are fully committed to the development and growth of the employees of our clients.

We would love to maintain a continued learning partnership with you and assist your company to benefit in the following ways:

Higher productivity due to educated staff.
Increased employee motivation.
Increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain.
Improve B-BBEE scoring when training employees of previously disadvantaged race groups
Improve employee morale and increase positive attitudes of employees.
Improve risk management, e.g. training about sexual harassment, diversity training.
We assist you to successfully execute your EE plan.
Educated employees are better considered for promotions.
Increased job satisfaction among employees.
Increased innovation in strategies and products.
Enhanced company image, e.g. conducting ethics training.
Increased capacity to adapt to new technologies and methods.
Reduced employee turnover.
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